Manolis Glezos – freedom fighter

Greece has long been a politically divided country; now it is polarised. Yet on both left and right, Manolis Glezos is regarded as a hero, a symbol of resistance. A mere 71 years after ripping the Nazi Swastika from the Acropolis – an act that would instantly earn him a place in history – he has earned himself another place in the history books as the oldest elected member of the European Parliament: he is 92.

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Romanian finance minister

Eugen Teodorovici has been named as Romania’s new finance minister by Victor Ponta, the country’s social-democrat prime minister. The 43-year-old Teodorovici joined Romania’s transport ministry in 1991 …


European Divides: A Make or Break Year for the Union

23 April 2015

Autoworld, Brussels, BE

POLITICO’s editorial leadership and Europe’s leading minds and most powerful politicians will discuss the issues and ideas driving the continent’s economy, security and the future of the Union.

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