Karmenu Vella – Smooth guy

Nicknames have a special significance in Malta. Whether a badge of individual respect (or notoriety), a man’s laqam will often tell you more about him than his curriculum vitae.

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Maystadt succeeds Juncker

Philippe Maystadt, a former president of the European Investment Bank and a former finance minister of Belgium, has been appointed chairman of the Centre international de formation …

Latvia is probably one of the least known countries of the European Union. It is certainly one of the smallest and, unfortunately, one of the poorest. So Latvia’s presidency of the EU’s Council of Ministers, during the first half of 2015, will test its resilience and resourcefulness.

  • Latvia’s fresh start
  • Latvia was a frontrunner on reform and is now a frontrunner for growth. Its new challenge is to lead other countries towards both.

  • Latvia: stability amid the flux
  • Domestic consensus on the need for stability should prevent Latvia’s political volatility from undermining its presidency.

  • Low birth rate locks in Latvia’s demographic destiny
  • The economic downturn has also had a negative effect on the birth-rate in Latvia.

  • Latvia: populate or perish
  • The tide of young, educated Latvians leaving the country is creating a skills shortage which poses a threat to the country’s economic recovery.

  • Latvia: leading on austerity
  • Latvia’s liberalised economy has enjoyed some of the strongest growth in the eurozone, but pressure is growing on the government to improve services for citizens.


EU Studies Fair 2015

6 February 2015 - 9am

Brussels, BE

EU Studies Fair 2015 – 6 & 7 February 2015 – Brussels European Voice is delighted to announce the 16th EU Studies Fair.In This SectionEurogroup tries to …


European Food Safety Summit

24 March 2015

Paris, FR

Improving business performance and securing the global supply chain from farm to fork.

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