Sandro Gozi – accidental minister

When Matteo Renzi, Italy’s prime minister, made Sandro Gozi minister for European Union affairs in February this year, the appointment went largely unnoticed in Rome. Gozi was a virtual unknown in Italian politics and the post to which he had been named – undersecretary for European affairs in the prime minister’s office – was obscure. A profile in France’s Le Monde newspaper expressed incredulity that someone so little known could be as brilliant as Gozi, and on top of that speak flawless French. (His English, though accented, is also impeccable.)

People & Places

On Wednesday (10 September), Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled the most significant shake-up of the European Commission's organisational structure in years. Here is European Voice's take on the new Commission college.

CV climate policy

EU climate change and energy policy

25 September 2014 - 6:30-8pm

European Parliament, room A5G3, 5th floor, Brussels, BE

Time for tough decisions

With: Anthony Luzzatto Gardner, Ingrid Holmes, Elisabetta Gardini MEP, Dominique Ristori, Dick Benschop


European Energy 2014

8 October 2014 - 8:30am

Brussels, BE

Securing Europe's Energy future

With: Dr Leonhard Birnbaum, Rune Bjornson, Jean-François Cirelli, Helle Kristoffersen, Oystein Loseth, Patrick Thomas, David Walker, Pierre Bornard, Luca Bettonte, Dr Andrew Garrad,