Sunday 20 April 2014
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Libertas bid for funding comes a cropper

By Simon Taylor and Judith Crosbie  -  03.02.2009 / 12:25 CET
Libertas funding deal at risk after Estonian MP denies backing the formation of a pan-European party.

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Fact file

Libertas representatives

The seven other members of national parliaments that Libertas lists on its founding documents are:

Philippe de Villiers: French MEP and leader of the Eurosceptic party, Movement for France (MPF).
Paul-Marie Coûteaux: Also a MPF MEP.
Georgios Georgiou: A Greek MEP and member of the Popular Orthodox Rally, a party that previously held anti-Semitic views.
David Alton: A non-affiliated member of the UK House of Lords, known for his Catholic and anti-abortion views
Timo Juhani Soini: a member of the Finnish parliament and leader of the anti-EU party, True Finns.
Hristov Kouminev: A member of the Bulgarian Parliament and nationalist party Attack.
Cyprian Gutkowski: A member of a Polish regional assembly and the League of Polish Families party, noted for its right-wing and anti-homosexual views.

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