Friday 25 April 2014
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No Brussels plenaries for a year

By Toby Vogel  -  04.12.2012 / 17:01 CET
European Parliament forced to suspend all plenary meetings in Brussels until November 2013 because of repairs.
The European Parliament has been forced to cancel all plenary meetings in Brussels until next November because repair works on the ceiling of the main meeting chamber will take longer than initially thought.  

A Parliament official said: “It is clear that there won't be any Brussels [plenary] sessions until November.”  

Parliament officials had been hoping that the sessions, known as mini-plenaries, could resume before the summer break next year. That hope has been quashed as the true extent of the required repair works emerged. The three cracked beams holding up the ceiling of the plenary chamber will have to be reinforced with steel braces.  

The A section of the Paul-Henri Spaak building, which contains the plenary chamber and press rooms, has been closed since the cracks were discovered this summer.
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