Saturday 19 April 2014
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The paper clip

16.11.2012 / 10:32 CET
A round-up of the international press on Friday, 15 November.

In the Guardian's rolling coverage of the eurozone, it reports that the head of the international monetary fund (IMF) has issued a plea to European leaders to resolve the uncertainty over Greece's next bail-out instalment. Christine Lagarde said a deal needs to be made next week. The Daily Telegraph also reports on the topic, quoting Lagarde as saying: You know, it's not over until the fat lady sings, as the saying goes. It's a question of working hard, putting our mind to it and making sure that we focus on the same objective."

Kathimerini also focuses on Lagarde who has said that next week's meeting of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers should help put the Greek economy on a sustainable path. The paper also says that this is the first time that Greece is "ahead of its creditors" and is waiting on others, rather than the other way round.

France's socialist government has rejected concerns that the country could become the next focus of the eurozone crisis, following the release of better than expected economic figures. Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister, said: “France is not the sick man of Europe. France remains the world's fifth largest economic power that has all its resources but which needs to recover its competitiveness.” The Financial Times has the report.

The Times of Malta reports on the latest in the Tonio Borg  saga as his nomination as European Commissioner for Malta hit another snag yesterday. The European Parliament's Conference of Presidents failed to agree on a common resolution for Wednesday's plenary vote. Instead they have decided to ask the Maltese candidate for more clarification on seven specific points. The move follows objections raised by the Liberals, Greens and other small groups.

The New York Times has a report on the Spanish Government's new rules on limiting the eviction of homeowners who are unable to pay their mortgages. For the next two years, banks will be unable to evict homeowners who are in dire financial straits.

Greece leaving the eurozone would not be a problem, according to Czech President Václav Klaus. Die Presse has more.

Egypt's prime minister has condemned Israeli attacks on Gaza as a "disaster" during a short visit to the territory. Ha'aretz, published in Tel Aviv, has rolling coverage on its website.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports that EU member states want a postponement of the vote in the United Nations on the change to Palestine’s UN status. The paper reports that a majority of EU countries think that the vote should not go ahead as planned on 29 November.

“The beginning of the end for the EU” is how Die Welt headlines a comment piece from Madrid where police and protesters clashed this week. The authors says that the EU has strange priorities in “being busy with other matters” such as launching its ‘women-on-boards’ proposal at the same time as violence was taking place on the streets.

Economists in Handelsblatt warn of the dangers of low interest rates over the long term. They say that the recession in eurozone countries could trigger a further easing of monetary policy but permanently low interest rates could cause havoc for Germany’s housing market.





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