Sunday 20 April 2014
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The paper clip

08.02.2013 / 12:13 CET
A round-up of the international press on Friday, 8 February.

Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, is narrowing the
gap in opinion polls on his left-wing rival in elections to be held in
late February. La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera have details.

El País reports that a secret European Commission report speaks of EU
officials' concern about corruption in Spain. Spain is in the midst of
a party-financing scandal affecting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and
his ruling Popular Party.

The Bank of England's new governor, the Canadian Mark Carney, was
subjected too a parliamentary hearing yesterday. The Guardian writes
that a classic British evolution is the most that is likely to be on
the cards. A commentator in the Financial Times writes that the UK's
monetary policy needs to be re-set. The current regime is failing in
its intention to stabilise inflation and help stabilise the economy,
he argues.

A Slovak held by the Iranian authorities since mid-January has
returned to Bratislava, Pravda reports. The Iranians accused Matej
Valuch of being a CIA agent.

Hungary and Romania are locked in a diplomatic dispute, Jurnalul
, over the use of Székelys symbols used in the coat of arms of
Transylvania and on the Romanian national coat of arms.

Diário de Notícias reports on Portuguese and Swiss talks on
restrictions that Switzerland is considering imposing on Portuguese

More Czechs are without work than at any point since 1933, Lidové

The Financial Times looks at France's military intervention in Mali
and writes that Europeans have caught the bug just as the US has
shaken it off – but they lack the means. The headline: “The US won't,
Europe can't.”

“President of a hornet's nest”: that is the title that Hungary's
Népszabadság has given to Miloš Zeman as he prepares to become
president of the Czech Republic.

Has Israel's right wing lost the magic touch? That is a question posed
by a commentator in Israel's Ha'aretz.

Tunisia is no longer a revolutionary poster-child, a commentator in
the UK's Guardian writes. Tunisia's revolution was held up as a model,
but rising political violence is a real threat to progress.

Gazeta Wyborcza has a report on the Belarusian secret police's efforts
to gauge the mood of the public by standing in shop queues.

A new opinion poll puts conservative New Democracy party, which leads
the three-party governing coalition in Greece, and the main left-wing
Syriza neck and neck. Kathimerini has details.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung looks at accusations of racism levelled
at a leading figure of the Free Democrats, the junior partner in the
governing coalition. The party's Vietnamese-born leader Philipp Rösler
has defended his party colleague.

Kathimerini reports on a promotional campaign that Cyprus is running
in Greece to encourage Greek consumers to buy more Cypriot products.

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