Thursday 17 April 2014
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The paper clip

15.01.2013 / 10:15 CET
A round-up of the international papers on Tuesday, 15 January.

Spain has joined the UK, Germany, Belgium and Denmark in offering France logistical support for its military intervention in Mali, El País writes. The UK's Independent writes in an editorial that Mali's Islamists are too dangerous to be ignored.

A speech on Europe that David Cameron, the UK's Prime Minister, is scheduled to give on Friday is the main subject in the British press. The Daily Telegraph argues that a referendum on British membership of the EU would be good for Europhiles. A commentator in the Financial Times argues that the UK has nothing to fear from a new deal with EU and that it should re-align its trade relations.

Kathimerini writes that disbursement of the January tranche of the bail-out loans to Greece, amounting to €9.2 billion, is now all but certain, following a favourable decision by the EU's Euro Working Group yesterday. The measures cut the budgets of state-owned firms and of ministries, open up some sectors of the economy, and slash the salaries of parliamentary staff.

Die Presse reports on the four-year jail sentence handed down to Ernst Strasser, a prominent centre-right politician in Austria, for corruption during his time as an MEP.

The European Commission believes that Beijing has helped Chinese producers of organic-coated steel to obtain raw materials at below-market prices, the Financial Times reports.

EU leaders are disappointed that trade talks with the US have not yet begun, writes the New York Times.

Leaked documents reveal that the UK government has sought to change proposals that could prevent deep-sea drilling operations in the Arctic, the Guardian reports.

Iceland yesterday suspended most of its talks on accession to the EU ahead of elections due in April. The New York Times has a report.

UPS, an American logistics firm, has dropped its bid to take over TNT, a Dutch delivery company, after encountering resistance from the European Commission, writes the Wall Street Journal.

A commentator in the Financial Times argues that Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, is a “tactical genius” and “strategic idiot”. The Israeli prime minister may be returned to office in triumph in next week's elections, but he risks leading Israel to disaster.

Poland's Rzeczpospolita considers Cyprus's bid to secure international financial support, and touches on German opposition and the Russian money in Cypriot banks.

The share of Austrian schoolchildren who do not speak German as their first language has doubled since 1995 to around one-quarter, writes Der Standard.

A group of 57 countries has asked the United Nations Security Council to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court for possible war-crimes prosecutions, writes L'Orient-Le Jour from Beirut.
Anti-Jewish comments by Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's president, have cast doubts on his commitment to Egypt's peace treaty with Israel, writes the New York Times.

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