Friday 25 April 2014
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The paper clip

17.01.2013 / 02:38 CET
A round-up of the international press on Thursday, January 17.

France is preparing for an extended mission in Mali, Germany's Der Spiegel writes. “Isolated in Europe, France appeals to Gulf for help with Mali mission”, is the headline that the UK's Independent gives to its report on what France is asking of its allies.

Thousands of personal emails sent to the daughter of Ukraine's imprisoned former prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, have been hacked and published online in what appears to be a leak that is part of an organised smear campaign against associates of the jailed politician, the UK's Independent writes.

Italy's longest post-war recession is taking its toll and Mario Monti, the country's caretaker prime minister, is taking the blame, despite his efforts to justify the unpopular measures, the Financial Times writes.

Pilots who flew a Swedish plane across the Lithuanian-Belarusian border and dropped hundreds of teddy-bears with free-speech messages on 4 July last year have been named suspects in a Lithuanian investigation, the Lithuanian online publication reports. It also reports that a Belarusian activist, Tatyana Novikava, is suing to overturn a Lithuanian migration department's decision to bar her from entering Lithuania.

The Greek parliament will today vote on the creation of a parliamentary committee to probe potential criminal offences in the handling of the list of suspected tax evaders, Kathimerini writes.

Libération profiles Pierre Moscovici, France's finance minister and a man it describes as a “Germanophile under pressure”.

The Czech government faces a vote of no confidence today, Slovakia's Pravda writes.

“Netanyahu veers right on path to nowhere”, is the headline that Germany's Der Spiegel gives to its coverage of the Israeli general election, which will be held on 22 January.

One of Azerbaijan's most prominent opposition figures, Isa Gambar, has been assaulted while police apparently stood to one side and did not intervene, the UK's Independent writes.

Ukraine moved one step closer to a breakthrough shale-gas deal with global energy giant Royal Dutch Shell yesterday after local authorities in the eastern Donetsk region approved a planned production-sharing agreement, the Moscow Times reports.

Russia will not have to assume many of the commitments to liberalise trade that are approved during the Doha round of World Trade Organization talks, the government's top trade negotiator said yesterday. The Moscow Times has a report. Russia is currently embroiled in a number of trade disputes with the EU.

Russia's reputed top criminal boss has been killed, the Financial Times reports. Aslan Usoyan was shot by sniper in broad daylight in what police sources say was an assassination over a dispute with a rival Georgian clan.

Hungary's Népszabadság looks at defence cuts being planned by Romania.

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