Monday 21 April 2014
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The paper clip

22.01.2013 / 11:02 CET
A round-up of the international press on Tuesday, 22 January.

The outgoing president of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers, Jean-Claude Juncker, says decision on a €17 billion rescue package for Cyprus will be left until March at earliest. The Netherlands' Trouw and Austria's Die Presse write that Juncker will be replaced by Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Dijsselbloem was yesterday appointed by eurozone finance ministers to take over from Jean-Claude Juncker, read the full story here. The Eurogroup also approved the release of a further €9.2 billion in bail-out funding for Greece, Kathimerini reports. The Irish Times says that the finance ministers agreed in principle to extend the maturity of Ireland's rescue loans.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has called on his cabinet and the national property fund to accelerate the privatisation process, writes Kathimerini.

A deadline set by a junior party in Slovenia's centre-right coalition for Prime Minister Janez Jansa to step down expires today, writes Delo. Jansa has been silent about his plans; should he refuse to go, he is likely to lose a vote of confidence in the parliament. Both Jansa and the main opposition leader are under pressure after an anti-corruption commission said they were holding unexplained assets.

Israel's voters go to the polls today, with Binyamin Netanyahu expected to remain prime minister but reliant on strengthened right-wing parties. France's Le Figaro is among the papers with previews. The UK's Daily Telegraph writes that Israel's moderate voices will not be heard at this election: the loudest applause is reserved for the new right and talk of peace with the Palestinians is increasingly drowned out.

Barack Obama's inauguration for a second term as US president receives much coverage. A commentator in the Guardian sets out how Obama can keep to his promise to make climate action a priority. The Washington Post writes that Obama laid out a liberal vision for the next four years.

Laurent Fabius and Guido Westerwelle, the foreign ministers of France and Germany, reaffirm their countries' friendship in a joint commentary published, among others, by Austria's Der Standard. In the commentary, they reject countries who seek to benefit from the EU without accepting the obligations of membership - an apparent reference to the UK.

A commentary in Der Standard reviews 50 years of French-German friendship and concludes that the relationship is in trouble.
Austria's centre-right People's Party may have won Sunday's referendum on maintaining conscription but the party lacks a reform plan for the country's armed forces, writes Die Presse.

Turkey's foreign, justice and interior ministers are in Brussels today to hold talks with their Belgian counterparts, in a bid to get Belgium's co-operation in fighting Kurdish extremists, writes Harriyet Daily News. The paper writes that of Belgium's 200,000 Turkish community, a significant portion is of Kurdish background.
Some 150 Russians are being evacuated from Syria via Beirut, according to Lebanon's Daily Star. Russia is a key backer of the regime of Bashar Assad.

Ha'aretz carries a live-blog from Israel's parliamentary election today.

Italy's Corriere della Sera reports on the coup in Eritrea.

A new survey argues that greater protection for the UK's seas could deliver economic benefits, the Guardian writes.

Hungary's low prices are pulling in Slovak, Romanian and Croat customers, writes Slovakia's Hospodárske noviny.

Fuel is added by Lidové noviny to the fire about the amnesty granted by the outgoing president of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus: the paper finds that the amnestied football boss František Chvalovský will receive back large sums of money, three luxury cars and real estate.

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