Friday 18 April 2014
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The paper clip

29.01.2013 / 10:28 CET
A round-up of the international press on Tuesday, 29 January.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has announced her abdication in favour of her eldest son, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. In a pre-recorded address broadcast on TV last night, she said she would formally stand down on 30 April. Queen Beatrix, who is 74, has been head of state since 1980, when her mother abdicated. The NRC Handelsblad has extensive coverage. The Irish Times also has a report.

Britain is to send troops to Mali as part of an EU training mission, the Daily Telegraph writes. French troops have taken the ancient desert city of Timbuktu from Islamist rebels, writes the New York Times. France has also signalled that it intends to pull back its troops soon.

Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank, has warned that the collapse of bail-out talks with Cyprus would “undo the positive mood” that has calmed European markets of late. The Daily Telegraph has a report.
The latest tranche of bail-out money for Greece has been approved by the European Financial Stability Fund, Kathimerini writes.

“The eurozone crisis has taken a break but it is far from being resolved.” That is the conclusion drawn today by an opinion piece Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today. The author, Hans-Werner Sinn, the president of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research in Munich, publishes a piece of research today which, among other things, highlights the lack of competitiveness within the eurozone.

Handelsblatt reports that consumer confidence is returning to the German high street. The paper says that the prospect of a swift end to the downturn raises the buying mood of consumers. After three consecutive monthly falls the main indicator of consumer confidence has risen again.

Italian prosecutors believe that fraud contributed to the troubles of Banca Monte die Paschi, one of Italy's oldest banks, writes La Repubblica.

The Irish Times says that the Irish government has paid out around €70 million in legal fees in connection with the banking crisis.

Le Figaro continues its look into France is bankrupt, looking at five indicators.

Hannes Swoboda, the leader of the main centre-left group in the European Parliament, has warned during a visit to Slovenia that it would be a "disaster" if Slovenia failed to ratify Croatia's accession to the EU, scheduled for July, writes Vecernji list.

There has never been less popular support in Serbia for joining the EU than at present, writes Danas from Belgrade.

France has urged more support for Syria's rebels, warning that without such help the revolution would be exploited by Islamists, writes the Daily Star, published in Lebanon.

Austria's Der Standard describes radical Islam as a ticking time bomb for Kosovo.

Le Monde reports that debate on French President Francois Holland's proposal to allow same-sex marriage will begin in the French legislature.

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