Thursday 24 April 2014
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Don't cry over spilt milk

20.03.2013 / 09:00 CET
More idioms of Europe.

Don't cry over spilt milk

Paid â chodi pais ar ôl piso (Welsh) don't lift a petticoat after peeing
Kusat sebe lokti (Russian) to bite one's elbows
Eső után köpönyeg (Hungarian) coat after rain
Don't count your chickens before they're hatched 

Man skal ikke sælge skindet, før bjørnen er skudt (Danish) one should not sell the fur before the bear has been shot
Älä nuolaise ennen kuin pöydällä tipahtaa (Finnish) don't start licking it up before it drops on to the table
Na neroden Petko kapa mu skroile (Macedonian) they sewed a hat to Peter who is not born yet 
Tsiplyat po oseni schitayut (Russian) one should count chicks in autumn
Ne govori gop, poka ne pereskochish (pereprygnesh) (Russian) don't say hop until you jumped over
En nylje karhua, ennen kuin se on kaadettu (Finnish) I don't skin a bear before it's been felled
Non dire gatto se non l'hai nel sacco (Italian) never say 'cat' if you have not got it in your sack
Dereyi görmeden paçaları sıvama (Turkish) do not roll up your trouser-legs before you see the stream

It's raining cats and dogs

Padají trakaře (Czech) it's raining wheelbarrows
Det regner skomagerdrenge (Danish) it's raining shoemakers' apprentices
Het regent pijpenstelen (Dutch) it's raining pipestems
Brékhei kareklopódara (Greek) it's raining chair legs
Il pleut comme vache qui pisse (French) it's raining like a pissing cow
Es regnet Schusterbuben (German) it is raining young cobblers
Estan lloviendo hasta maridos (Spanish) it's even raining husbands

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