A meeting of Don Quixotes leads to nostalgic reflection

Circassians are picking up the lance relinquished by those successful Don Quixotes, the Balts.

The US has a lot on its plate right now. But I have just come back from a few days in Washington, DC, impressed that so many people, in government and outside, take central and eastern Europe so seriously. In a dozen seminars, conferences and other meetings, I was peppered with sharp-witted and well-briefed questions that I doubt preoccupy anyone much in Brussels, London or Berlin (sample: “Please explain the relative importance of gas, other trade, and security politics in Putin’s visit to Slovenia”). Other subjects included the waning of enthusiasm for the ‘re-set’ with Russia; sanctions on Belarus; and the intricacies of Nordic-Baltic security co-operation (increasingly important as American nukes and conventional forces in Europe diminish).

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