Committee asked to reconsider passenger data plan

By Dave Keating  -  13.06.2013 / 05:45 CET
Group leaders send controversial proposal back to civil-liberties committee.

The European Parliament's civil-liberties committee is to be asked to reconside a controversial proposal that would give European counter-terrorism officials access to data about airline passengers on flights in the EU – even though the committee rejected the plan two months ago.

The proposal was to be voted on by the full Parliament this week – with rejection the likely outcome of the vote – but group leaders stepped in on Monday (10 June) and sent the proposal back to the committee.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, co-leader of the Green group, called the decision “strange”. He asked: “How can we find a compromise? Either we are in favour of the proposal or we are against it.”

The committee is expected to discuss the proposal again in the autumn.

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