Saturday 19 April 2014
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ENERGY Lightbulbs

EU's lightbulb switch-over starts

By Jennifer Rankin  -  27.08.2009 / 05:19 CET
Ban on incandescent bulbs takes effect next week and switch-over could save the EU 40TWh per year.

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Fact file

Bulb bans

September 2009: Ban on wholesale supply of matt incandescent bulbs and clear 100-watt incandescent bulbs
September 2010: Ban on clear 75W incandescent bulbs
September 2011: Ban on clear 60W incandescent bulbs
September 2012: Ban on clear 40W and clear 25W incandescent bulbs
September 2013: More stringent requirements for low-energy bulbs and LED lamps
September 2016: More stringent requirements for halogen bulb
Source: Swedish EU presidency website

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