Friday 18 April 2014
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Singing in the rain

14.02.2013 / 03:05 CET
Demonstrating musical talent in Brussels.
Before the memory fades, a word of appreciation seems in order for those farmers from the Baltic states who came to protest outside last week's European Council. In atrocious weather – sleet, driving rain, an icy wind – they gathered close to the police barriers and sang their hearts out. As a form of protest, it echoed the ‘singing revolution' of 1987-91, when singing was a form of protest against the Soviet Union. Now this fearsome weapon was turned against the EU's leadership. There were not many passers-by – because of the weather and the security cordon – but Entre Nous is happy to report that their efforts were very tuneful. Another plus-point was that, unlike protests by western farmers, they left no smelly traces behind.
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