Friday 25 April 2014
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Young pretender

By Tim Judah   -  07.04.2011 / 04:15 CET
Europe's youngest prime minister insists he is not in the shadow of the predecessor.

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Igor Lukšic, as seen by Marco Villard.
Fact file


1976: Born, Bar

1998: Graduated in economics, Podgorica University

1998-2000: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, seconded to European Commission assistance office, Montenegro

2000-01: Foreign-affairs adviser to the Democratic Party of Socialists

2001: State secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2001-03: Deputy in the parliament of Montenegro

2002: Master's degree in economics, Podgorica University

2003-06: Deputy in the parliament of Serbia and Montenegro

2003: Public-relations adviser to prime minister

2003-04: Deputy foreign minister of Serbia and Montenegro

2004-10: Finance minister

2005: Doctorate on economic and

political transition, Podgorica University

2008-10: Deputy prime minister

2010- : Prime minister

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