Frequently Asked Questions

European Voice is intent on ensuring that its website is as easy to use and offers as rich an experience as possible. The website is, then, a work in progress. You will see new elements added continuously; we hope those changes will mean you can find whatever you need after just a few clicks – and a lot more of interest besides.

Do you need help using our website? Are you having problems? The issues you have may well have been issues that others have had, and so we have listed some of the questions frequently asked of us:

When is content on updated?

Every day. Web-exclusives – mainly news and commentaries – are published on a rolling basis, ensuring that you will find fresh content on the site every day.

Is there material on the website that I can’t find in the print edition?

Yes. We produce fresh news and commentaries every day.

I can’t read articles on the site.

You probably have not registered with us.

Registered users have access to 2 articles of their choice per week. Registration is easy and only requires you to enter an e-mail address and fill out a few details. All data is treated confidentially.

Subscribers have access to all articles on Subscribers do, though, need to log in, by entering their log-in and their password.

I’m a subscriber, but I can’t get into an article.

Subscribers have the right to see all content on However, to do so, subscribers must log in, using their log-in and their password. The log-in for new subscribers is the e-mail address linked to your subscription; to activate your log-in, just type in your e-mail address and click on the Log In button.

If you aren’t sure which email address is linked to your print subscription, please contact us.

If you are a large, institutional subscriber with multiple subscriptions, please contact us. We may be able to provide alternative options for you.

I can’t find an article that appeared in the newspaper.

All articles printed in European Voice are available on the site. Given the number of articles we publish, even articles only a few days old may move quickly off the home page. We have tried to make them as visible as possible for as long as possible, with our new navigation bar. You can also find old articles through our Search function. A simple search is visible on each page, and each page has a link to our Advanced Search page, where you search by date and relevance.

I know the exact date on which an article was published. Can I search by newspaper edition?

Yes, you can search by issue date. You an find each issue below the “In This week’s paper” on the right-hand side on the home page. All articles are listed following the paper’s sections.

Alternatively, you can use our advanced search tool where you can search by date.

I can’t download the pdf of the newspaper.

The pdf version of the newspaper is now available on iOS and Android devices. On your tablet or smartphone, download the European Voice App t0o read the paper in a convenient format.

Only paying subscribers have access to the content of the App.

How can I register?

Just go to our Register page. A small amount of information is mandatory. We do encourage you, though, to fill out the Optional Information section as well; that information is collected in order to provide a better service to our readers.

Where should I send a letter?

Letters are responses to articles that have appeared in European Voice. Please send them to We prefer letters to be 250 words or less in length.

Where should I send an opinion piece?

Opinion pieces should stimulate debate, by making an argument. We do not want to sway votes in a particular direction, so opinion pieces by stakeholders will not be published in the immediate run-up to an important vote. If you want merely to inform the public of your position, rather than to encourage a broader debate, please contact a news reporter; s/he will be happy to consider your input alongside that of other stakeholders. The opinion pieces we publish are short (typically around 600-650 words). Please send opinion pieces to