Saturday 19 April 2014
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  • News and analysis is what sets European Voice apart. Our specialist reporters provide everything from previews of national elections, to blow by blow accounts of the European councils and analysis of major policy initiatives. Our writers are present at all the most important events, briefings and parliamentary debates.


  • Columnists. Each week European Voice features a number of regular columnists who provide thought-provoking insight into the world of European politics.


  • Editorial. Each week, European Voice focuses on a headline-grabbing issue that is affecting the European Union. Whether it's solving the financial crisis in three simple steps, or controversially casting doubt on the Union's commitment to its policies, you can be sure of a strong, thought-provoking opinion.


  • Profiles. The people behind the politics.  European Voice offers insights into the influential people in European politics. Each week, we carry a full-page profile of an important figure, revealing how they got to where they are now and what makes them tick. Our profiles range from government ministers to senior diplomats and top civil servants.


  • Special reports. Throughout the year European Voice takes an in-depth look at some of the main issues affecting Europe. Our reports cover everything from the future of food to changing healthcare and the single market.


  • Entre Nous. Short news that many read first: it's fun, gossipy, quirky and irreverent. A different perspective.


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