European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

Moscovici presents tax plans

MEPs sitting on the European Parliament's special committee on tax rulings question Moscovici over recent reform proposals.

Credit Swiss net income

The painful death of banking secrecy

New legislation will oblige banks in the EU to share information about account holders with tax authorities.

European Parliament in Strasbourg

Capital markets to challenge banks?

Jean-Claude Juncker must involve the banking sector in his plan for integrating Europe’s capital markets to boost investment.

Austria's Hypo bank to sell Balkan branch to Advent, EBRD

Straining at the controls

The collapse of a medium-sized bad bank in Austria will test the EU's new bank resolution rules.

Hutchinson, Senior Wealth Manager of HSBC, poses with Bryan in hedge fund management from Execuzen, outside HSBC headquarters ahead of a charity event in Hong Kong

The EU takes on the big banks

A European Commission proposal to order large financial institutions to create subsidies for risky trading angered the banking industry and the political left.

Alstom profits tumble as takeover talks continue

Commission extends GE and Alstom probe

The Commission is concerned that the merger would harm competition on the global market for heavy-duty gas turbines.