Smoke is released into the sky at the ConocoPhillips oil refinery in San Pedro

MEPs reject Greens' ETS objection

An attempt to block free allowances to most industry sectors in the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme was rejected by the environment committee.

Austria Formula One Grand Prix preperations

Denmark pushing to include transport in ETS

EU leaders will discuss climate and energy targets at October's European Council, and Denmark wants to put changes to the emissions trading scheme on the agenda.

Smoke billows from chimneys at chemical factory in Tianjin Municipality

MEPs may challenge free ETS permits

The European Parliament's environment committee will vote next week on whether to give industries extra free allowances for emitting carbon over the next five years.

Ki-moon talks to the media in Brussels

Little hope of breakthrough at climate leaders' summit

The absence of leaders from the two largest countries in the so-called ‘BASIC’ bloc of developing countries means there is likely to be little headway at Tuesday's UN climate summit in New York.