President Petro Poroshenko press conference in Kiev.

EU prolongs trade benefits for Ukraine

Ukraine will continue to enjoy largely tariff-free access to the EU until January 2016, when a trade deal comes into force.

Bulgarian seamstress manufactures EU flags in a factory in Parvomai

Delegations choose their leaders

Most Parliament delegations for relations with foreign countries have decided on their chairpersons.

General elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Uncertainty hangs over Bosnian elections

European Commission says that doubts over the legitimacy of the elections will not prevent it working with the next government.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the EU Commission in Brussels

Kazakhstan strikes deal with EU

Barroso describes enhanced framework agreement as a sign to Russia that the EU’s relations with post-Soviet states are “not a zero-sum game”.

VTB Capital RUSSIA CALLING Investment forum

Putin: a man with a past

A brave new book catalogues what was unknown about Putin’s past – and what Western governments chose to ignore about his system.