The European Commission is reviewing the European Union’s rules on copyright. This timely special report discusses what is at stake, who stands to lose and to gain, and explains why.

Climate change


European Voice’s special report examines how climate change policy is developing outside the confines of inter-governmental talks. Increasingly, the private sector is shaping climate-change thinking – and arguably to greater effect.

Special report: Healthcare


Establishing a strategic healthcare policy for the European Union.

EU studies


Higher education reforms, Erasmus and studying abroad.

Juncker's team


On 10 September, Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled the most significant shake-up of the European Commission's organisational structure in years. Here is European Voice's take on the new Commission college.

Doing public affairs


Examining the world of public affairs in and around the EU.



Exploring EU migration, including what the statistics reveal, how member states are reacting to migration and the need for an EU model to manage it.

Decarbonising road transport


Tackling climate change, car-makers concerns and the shift from road to rail.


Publication of this report has been made possible by the CommentVisions debate series, in partnership with Shell. The sponsor has no control over the content, for which European Voice retains full editorial responsibility.

Italy's presidency of the EU's Council of Ministers


A look at Italy's domestic politics, relationship with the EU and the agenda for the next six months at the helm of the Council of Ministers.

European Parliament election results


In the aftermath of the elections to the European Parliament, this special report looks at how the 2014-19 term is shaping up, with country-by-country statistics, political party results and a list of the casualties.