Special report: energy union


A much-awaited strategy on completing the EU's energy union will be adopted next week. This special report looks at the obstacles the EU faces in its quest for energy harmony.

  • A high-energy proposal?
  • The European Commission’s forthcoming strategy on energy union will be an indication of the Commission’s ambition and commitment.

  • Imagining an EU energy union
  • There are many issues the European Commission will have to address if it is to achieve its ambitions of cross-border co-operation on energy.

Latvia's presidency of the EU's Council of Ministers


Latvia is probably one of the least known countries of the European Union. It is certainly one of the smallest and, unfortunately, one of the poorest. So Latvia’s presidency of the EU’s Council of Ministers, during the first half of 2015, will test its resilience and resourcefulness.

Special report: regulating the digital economy


Both the European Council and the European Commission have a declared ambition to create a digital single market, seen as essential for Europe’s economic recovery. But how can this be done?

Special briefing: Cardiovascular disease


This report is funded by AstraZeneca. It is based on independent research undertaken by European Voice. AstraZeneca has had no editorial control over the content.



The European Commission is reviewing the European Union’s rules on copyright. This timely special report discusses what is at stake, who stands to lose and to gain, and explains why.

Climate change


European Voice’s special report examines how climate change policy is developing outside the confines of inter-governmental talks. Increasingly, the private sector is shaping climate-change thinking – and arguably to greater effect.

Special report: Healthcare


Establishing a strategic healthcare policy for the European Union.

EU studies


Higher education reforms, Erasmus and studying abroad.

Juncker's team


On 10 September, Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled the most significant shake-up of the European Commission's organisational structure in years. Here is European Voice's take on the new Commission college.

Doing public affairs


Examining the world of public affairs in and around the EU.